Pari-Mutuel Accounting Software

Application maintains accounting records of wagering activity and settlement information for all Live, on-track and off-track Simulcasting.  Application features:

  • Accepts imported files from any source, including all three U.S. Tote companies.
  • Maintains balances for amounts due to / from host and guest racetracks / associations, with functions for netting accounts payable against accounts receivable for individual associations and settlement Agents
  • Settlement reports can be automatically sent via email or fax directly from the application.
  • Produces laser checks for associations and / or agents for net balances payable, with accompanying statements
  • Provides analysis function for wagering activity, with options for analysis such as wagers by pool type, by session, profit analysis by track, etc.
  • Provides separate functions for Moneyroom Settlement and Balance Sheet
Software Screenshots
Screenshot -  Special Races
Software screenshot - PMA Report Options  

Sample Reports
Monthly Handle Report Pools Analysis Report
Settlement Statement Report Settlement Summary Report

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